The LOTOS Group is the second largest fuel producer in Poland. It is the sole producer of hydrocarbons in Poland’s Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea. Other areas where the Group is engaged in petroleum production include the Norwegian Continental Shelf and Lithuania (onshore). Grupa LOTOS’ refinery in Gdańsk is one of the newest and most advanced refineries in Europe in terms of applied technologies and environmental protection.
The Group’s business is organised into two segments: Upstream and Downstream.
The Group’s operations focus on crude oil production and processing, as well as wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products such as fuels (unleaded gasoline, diesel oil and light fuel oil), heavy fuel oil, bitumens, aviation fuel, naphtha, LPG and base oils.

Shares of Grupa LOTOS have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) since June 2005. Since November 2009, Grupa LOTOS has been continuously included in the index of socially responsible companies listed on the WSE – the RESPECT Index, which is the first such index in Central and Eastern Europe.

Apart from Grupa LOTOS, which manages the refinery in Gdańsk, the LOTOS Group currently comprises over 15 other companies operating under the LOTOS name.

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