Closing of Private Placement of Series C Shares in Grupa LOTOS S.A.
Report no. 30/20092009-07-23

The Management Board of Grupa LOTOS S.A. hereby reports that a private placement of Series C shares in Grupa LOTOS S.A. was opened and closed on July 9th 2009. Pursuant to Resolution No. 34 of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Grupa LOTOS S.A., held on June 30th 2009 (Current Report No. 23 of June 30th 2009), the placement covered 16,173,362 Series C shares in Grupa LOTOS S.A. and the same number of shares were allotted. 

In the private placement, all the Series C shares in Grupa LOTOS S.A. were acquired by the State Treasury, based on an agreement of July 9th 2009, for the issue price of PLN 22.07. The value of the placement was PLN 356,946,099.30.

Total costs classified as costs of the issue, comprising exclusively the costs incurred to prepare and execute the offering, were PLN 463 thousand. The average cost of the placement per one offered share was PLN 0.03. The costs directly related to the share capital issue, adjusted for deferred tax, will be charged to the share premium account (recognized under reserve funds).

The legal basis for the publication of this Current Report is Par. 33.1 of the Minister of Finance’s Regulation on current and periodic information to be published by issuers of securities and conditions for recognition as equivalent of information whose disclosure is required under the laws of a non-member state, dated February 19th 2009.