Maintenance shutdown at the Gdańsk refinery of Grupa LOTOS in 2013
Report no. 8/20132013-01-31

In line with the schedule, the Gdańsk refinery of Grupa LOTOS S.A. will undergo a technological maintenance from March 29th 2013 to May 10th 2013.
Crude oil processing will be suspended for some 23 days. Following completion of the 10+ Programme, the refinery’s configuration makes it possible to divide repair work between the two production lines, while shortening the necessary downtime. The shutdown will decrease the refinery’s processing capacity by 8% in 2013.
Apart from the repair work, an investment programme will be implemented during the shutdown with a view to enhancing the capacities of individual units and reducing operating expenses.
The stoppage of production units will not result in halting the shipment or sale of products (kept in storage tanks and purchased from other suppliers).

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